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4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Content

4 Simple Ways to Boost your As business owners, we know that it’s important to create online content, but with the online space being flooded with blog posts and articles, how do we make sure we’re reaching our audience and receiving the clicks-throughs? Here’s how to make sure your content is getting the recognition it deserves:


Adding subheadings to your posts means greatly increasing your audience retention. Have you ever clicked through to an article or blog post and been horrified at how long it is and just clicked away? Of course, we all have. Shorter posts are always advised, but that doesn’t mean the odd longer one is bad. Simply break up your post with subheadings so your readership isn’t faced with a huge block of daunting text. Instead, this will encourage them to scan through and find the section they were specifically searching for. Your readers will thank you!


The same can be said for images. They not only act as something to catch readers’ eye, but also break up the page to appear more enticing. They can also be informative, demonstrative or just visually pleasing. Having a focus image will help to summarise your post, but try adding a few scattered photos through your articles and blog posts, too.


Creating reliable and credible content is crucial not only for engaging your audience, but also for encouraging trust and reliability. This is an important step to becoming their go-to page and might even land you a spot in their browser bookmarks. With each piece you write, make sure you back up your opinions and data with studies and statistics to generate a trusted relationship with your reader. Try adding images, too; this will be eye-catching and informative – try graphs, charts and screen-shots of references.


Adding quotes to your content cultivates more trust and gives your article or blog post a more powerful punch. You can use them to back up your statement, giving it more gravitas. However, not only does it add to your credibility, but it also sticks in the memory of your readership. Having a pithy, abbreviated quotation that perfectly summarises your sentiment is a wonderful way to grab the reader’s attention… and become sharable.


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell

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