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6 Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy


Pinterest is as popular as ever and with more and more people turning to the virtual pin board for inspiration, tips, projects and service sourcing, it is important to get your business on the Pinterest map.

Here are 6 simple marketing strategies to help draw attention to your business and give your brand a little extra oomph that will set you apart from your competitors.

  1. Organise it

People attracted to Pinterest tend to have a penchant for clean, clear, clutter-free tools and like to interact with accounts that provide a similar aesthetic. Every board should be easy on the eye and simple to understand and navigate.

Keep your pins free from wordy descriptions and text-heavy images.

  1. Direct it

When using Pinterest for your small business, it is important to keep your pins categorised in logical groups so that relevant content can be easier to find.  Research popular themes and ideas within your sector and consider using a variety of searchable terms to keep your pins fresh and contemporary.

Give each pin a clear name, title and description with concise and searchable words and terms.

  1. Design it

Making sure every pin is beautifully designed is a key method for keeping your followers intrigued and enticing new followers to your boards. Creating something aesthetically pleasing will encourage your followers to click.  Interesting boards with good quality images will attract new followers and provide them with useful links they will want to pin themselves. Well-designed pins will help you to grow your list of followers organically.

Use visually pleasing photographs or graphics and keep talking about popular topics.

  1. Multiply it

Varying the content of your boards means followers can pick and choose the facets of your brand they are interested in, which will increase your reach. Dividing your boards into targeted points of interest will provide a range of content people can select from, giving them the choice to follow relevant aspects of your business. This will ensure your content is perceived as well considered and organised.

Vary board content and divide it into targeted and relevant aspects of your business.

  1. Brand it

It is important to keep your brand at the forefront of each board and every pin should relate to your overall brand theme. For instance, if you are selling clothing you may want to have separate boards for each item category (e.g. dresses, trousers, shoes, accessories) in addition to separate boards for full outfit ideas, seasonal items or age related items (e.g. baby / toddler / teen / adult).

Make sure your brand stands out and your product or service ranges are clearly categorised.

  1. Keep pinning

Keep your viewers interested by pinning frequently. Click here for ideas on what to post. This will help your existing followers stay connected and optimise your chances of acquiring new followers. There is no perfect time to post, but pinning a few times every day will maximise your chances of being seen and followed.  Try to maintain a regular presence so you keep the connections with your followers live.  Do remember though, that too many posts in any single sitting are likely to overwhelm and possibly frustrate people.

Pin frequently and regularly by establishing a timetable for yourself.

How does your Pinterest page look? Will you be implementing these 6 simple steps to keep your small business growing online?

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