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8 Must-Listen Podcasts for Business Growth


Are you looking to expand your business? Learning from leading experts in your field is the fastest way to accelerate your marketing knowledge for free. Podcasts are not only the highest-leverage educational medium on the market today, but they are also increasingly popular amongst business tycoons, which means valuable advice is abundant and can be listened to wherever you are. 

Entrepreneur on Fire

Host: John Lee Dumas 

John, a former at-risk foster child, began his podcast after listening to entrepreneurial podcasts on his daily commute from work. He is passionate about creating a successful business and urges his listeners to find mentors for themselves to learn from. His award-winning podcast consists of him talking with inspiring entrepreneurs who share their stories and knowledge to help listeners achieve their small business goals. 

StartUp Podcast

Host: Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg

Lisa and Alex’s podcast talks about what it’s really like to get your small business off the ground. Listeners get an inside look at Alex’s own start-up, Gimlet Media, with stories and advice on tackling problems and growing your business from the very first stages. Lisa and Alex get into the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurial life and we get to hear the real conversations, good and bad. If you’re a small start-up company, this is the podcast for you.  

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Host: Diane Helbig 

Diane’s podcast is designed to help listeners in all aspects of running their small business, from marketing and sales to employee management. Each week, she hosts a successful entrepreneur guest who talks all things small business from the ground up and focuses on key components that can help to accelerate your career. 

The WOW Small Business Show

Host: Bryan Orr

Bryan’s podcast is focused on small, local businesses with a special focus on physical stores. With the majority of new businesses running online, there is a lack of fresh advice for high-street businesses. Bryan talks us through the process of running a successful business with guidance on customer service, employee management, logistics, accounting, marketing and so much more. Bryan’s aim is to make running a small business more manageable for his listeners, while creating a successful and growing career.

Learning With Leslie

Host: Leslie Samuel 

Leslie’s podcast is uplifting, inspiring and motivating, so if you’re in need of a fun and optimistic business pick-me-up, this is the podcast for you. Leslie, previously a university instructor, is an incredible teacher and shows his listeners how to achieve business success, income, influence and marketing impact through blogging. 

Breaking Down Your Business

Hosts: Jill Salzman and Brad Farris

For those of you looking for something fun, upbeat and creative, Jill and Brad’s podcast is the perfect fit. Fast-paced, energetic and a little quirky, this podcast is filled with ‘real talk’ about bugbears of running a small business – and how to make these problems manageable or eliminate them completely. 

Smart Passive Income

Host: Pat Flynn 

Pat’s podcast is designed to help you create a successful business today so that you can live the life of your dreams tomorrow. Pat shares his blogging strategies, marketing tips and income sources so you can get a real behind-the-scenes look at the world of a successful entrepreneur. Hailed as the most honest and direct podcaster, Pat posts his monthly income reports online for the world to see exactly how his advice is working for his growing business and how it can work for you, too.

Excellence Expected

Host: Mark Asquith 

Mark’s podcast is all about tackling specific aspects of business ownership in 3 stages: define, challenge and conquer. By taking a magnifying class to each problem, Mark provides specific advice for particular issues on which his listeners can take action. He urges people to stay honest and true throughout their lives and business, including with customers, employees, business partners, family and yourself.

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