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How to Build Business Fans

customer loyalty, how to build business fans, social media greenwich, content writing greenwich, social media how to, social media for small businessSo you’ve built a business and your customer base is growing… but how do you keep them happy, loyal and ready to return to you rather than your competition?

Here are 5 simple ways to build a business fan base and keep your customers loyal to your business:

1. Rewards

Offering a reward isn’t a bad way to start.

As new customers find you, they may or may not stick with your brand or service. However, if they are provided with a reward for using your services, purchasing your products, or connecting with you online, this will trigger in their memory and you’ll be their first point of contact in the future.

A reward can be anything from offering free services with a package or a 10% off code for every online follower. If your customer already feels like they are getting something extra from your business, they’re more likely to return.

2. Community

Business owners are learning just how important community is to customers, and with the rise of social media in recent years, this has become an essential part of growing a business and building a returning fan base. Community not only means connecting with you and your brand, but also with your other customers.

A great way to foster a community is by hosting a Facebook group, online event or webinars. This way, your customers are able to interact with you directly, creating an immediate relationship, and connecting with each other.

3. Customer Service

When you practice good customer service, your customers will leave your business feeling good about their decision to choose your company. This feeling will be remembered each time they think of your brand, so they will return. Each time they experience good customer service, their loyalty will increase and you’ll soon have yet another business fan.

Delivering good customer service means that it must be constant. If, say, a customer had a good experience the first time, but had a poor customer service interaction upon their return, they probably won’t come back again.

For growing businesses, this can be tricky, as new people are being hired who may not be fully trained yet. Therefore, to keep customer service as your top priority to attract a growing customer base, hire people who believe in your mission and foster a strong culture within your workforce that encourages and rewards good customer service.

4. Exceed Customer Expectations

As mentioned, if someone leaves feeling good about your business and brand, that customer will likely return. However, you can go a step further and exceed their expectations to truly stand out from your competitors.

Adding an extra touch, such as a free gift with purchase or implementing rewards cards, will leave your customers feeling positive and encourage them to return.

5. Collaborate with Customers

Including customers in your business development is a great way to build rapport and increase loyalty. People like to feel as though they are contributing in some way to the decisions your business makes, so this will signal that you care about their experiences, opinions and ideas (as well as helping you find holes or issues with the business that require a customer perspective).

This will not only solidify the relationship between company and customer, but it will also create advocates of your business who will support and promote your company.

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