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How to Grow Your Online Presence and Build a Social Media Following

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Social media is the backbone of the online community and is where people go to communicate with brands, interact with like-minded people and ask for support.

This is a great community for businesses to tap into in order to increase [virtual] footfall and gain loyal customers. It’s also an important tool for small businesses to use to interact with current customers who may have feedback, questions or comments.

There’s no doubt that having an online presence is beneficial for any business, but how can we build our audience online?

Here are 4 ways to boost your following:

Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is an important first step to any social media account. Once you know who you want to attract you can begin to present content targeted at the right people. It also means you are able to follow those who may be interested in your business and also some competitors or businesses you’d like to collaborate with.

You can even look at other popular content creators that your target audience like to follow to see what content they’re posting and how they attract new followers.

This’ll give you an invite into how best to connect with the accounts you’re wanting to build a relationship with.

This is your starting block for a following and if people find value in your content they’ll follow you back, building your audience of like-minded people.

Choose Eye-catching Images

Images get more engagement than any other content on social media. So if you want to increase your interaction, images are the way to go. But make sure they’re exciting and interesting to encourage comments and discussions.

These can be photos of your office mascot, behind-the-scenes, business events, team snaps or anything else you think your customers would love to see.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

You want to be sure you’re posting engaging, valuable content that other account will want to see and share. This should be regular content that shows your audience interesting content on a daily or weekly basis.

This will not only give them a reason to engage with you, but will keep them checking back for more in the future.

Build Relationships

Social networking is all about making connections with others and holding conversations online. Building relationships will strengthen your brand and bring you a loyal following, so remember to keep interaction high on the priority list and don’t stop asking questions, answering questions, participating in discussions around your business topic, and lending helpful guidance.

Thanking for positive feedback and new followers is a good way to get the conversation going if you’re unsure how to approach your audience, but remember to add something personal to each comment so they know you’re no robot!

To keep on top of it, make sure you monitor your mentions and unique hashtags on a daily basis so that your followers know you’re engaged and ready to help.

However, be careful not to focus too much on increasing your following; keep in mind you want to attract the right followers who will engage with you – these accounts will be most likely to like, share, comment.

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