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How To Make Your Content Engaging

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As part of a successful and thriving business, it’s important to create and share inspiring and engaging content. But this is easier said than done, and it can be difficult to know what content will soar and what content will crash. It certainly takes more than a well-written post or a pleasing photograph to gain likes and shares. Follow these six tips to help you create captivating content for your small business:

  1. Make it Visual

The first thing people will notice about your content is the visuals: photographs, design, animations and colour. Even if your content is valuable and interesting, it won’t be seen if it doesn’t have immediate aesthetic appeal. So always make sure you provide great imagery and invest in a professional web design theme. This will automatically reel in more views and provide you with an audience keen to read your content. 

  1. Edit Your Content

The next step is to keep your audience hooked. Make sure your content is succinct and informative so that your audience finds value in reading, sharing and saving it. If you write your own content, have someone look over it with fresh eyes. Otherwise, it’s worth investing in a professional copywriter to give your content that extra flair.

  1. Give a Gift

With so many companies vying for attention these days, consumers are often left with a sense of distance and inauthenticity. To counter this, a surprise gift offered within your content will reflect professionalism and create trust. The takeaway can be in the form of a free download, valuable information, an ebook or video. Serving up something helpful and practical is a sign of good favour and will leave you in good stead for future clicks.

  1. Stay on Trend

Providing content based around a trend simply means more people are searching and therefore more people will be landing on your page. Of course it also means more competition, but once you’ve researched the market and found what people like, it’s easier to create content that fits the criteria. To step outside of the trending crowd, try adding a twist to your content, like cutting-edge insight or a controversial opinion.

  1. Include Influencers

To build up trust in your business, include influencers from the same field who have already built a solid relationship with their customers. By featuring these influencers, you will be associated with them in people’s minds, which will broaden your audience and transfer some of the trust and reputation they have already gained.

  1. Set a Prize

People love a challenge and a chance to win something for nothing. To instantly gain more clicks and shares, include a prize draw. This will not only mean more click-throughs but will encourage your audience to share amongst their friends too, instantly resulting in higher traffic volume.

No matter what business you run, it’s always important to share interesting, informative and sharable content to reach the masses and create a higher click-through rate. We look forward to reading some of your brilliant content soon!

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