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How to Market Your Business for the Holidays

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From October through January, we are fully enveloped in holiday season — New Years. Therefore, it’s important for every small business to take advantage of this gift-giving season by cranking your marketing strategy up a notch. Here are a few great ways to do it:



It’s coming to the end of the year, so it’s time to send a little appreciation to your loyal customers who have helped you grow and expand your business. While marketing is often about targeting new audiences, it’s also important to thank the customers who are already on board. This is a great time to send out holiday cards, which will be sure to remind your customers why they chose you in the first place! They could also be sent out with each new order to leave a sweet and positive impression on both new and returning customers.


If your business is location-based, think about how you might entice and entertain your customers with festive music, decorations and live entertainment. This will be sure to leave a lasting impression and attract new customers, particularly those with children.


Gifting your customers with seasonal offers is a great way to attract attention and sales. Try offering a free gift with each purchase, free shipping or discounted goods. You could also offer free gift-wrapping, personalised cards or 2018 calendars. Each perk will leave a positive feeling about your brand and entice passing customers to pop in for a look.


Take advantage of this season’s sale trends. Get your customers excited for Black Friday by counting down on your social media channels, offer limited-supply sales, hop on board with Small Business Saturday sales and don’t forget about Cyber Monday! These are the times when your customers and potential customers are looking for businesses just like yours to reach out and offer them something special. Grab this opportunity with both hands and give your audience what they want… a hot deal and something to smile about!



A great way to become a more memorable business is to show your good will. Remind your customers that you’re more than just a brand; you’re a business run with integrity. Try partnering with local businesses to promote each other online, or with coupons and flyers. Your customers are likely looking to pick up all of their holiday goods in one fell swoop, so a little good cheer could  mean a lot more customers.


A great way to get noticed this season is by getting listed on local holiday gift guides (e.g., “Top 10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas”). Get in touch with your local newspaper, magazine, bloggers or media outlets to offer free samples.


Christmas is the time of year when we give thanks for what we have and give back a little to our local communities. For local businesses, giving back to local charities and hosting charity events is a great way to boost your brand recognition. Consider giving a portion of your profits to a local animal shelter or homeless charity. This way, you’ll not only be spreading the word about your business and increasing foot traffic in your store, but you’ll also be promoting another local, small business and giving something back.

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