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How To Market Your Business On Twitter

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Do you have a small business you want to promote to a wider audience? Do you have a business Twitter account but don’t know how best to use it for marketing? We’re here to help with six tips to get your business noticed on Twitter in particular and social media generally.

  1. Branding

Just like any other aspect of your marketing strategy, your Twitter profile should reflect your brand. Think of your profile as a business card—add your logo, contact details and a short bio about who you are and what you offer. Consistency is important too, so make sure your profile has the same look and feel as your website, blog, merchandise and all other business tools. This also means paying attention to what your handle will be. If your business name is already taken, choose something that’s memorable and connected to your business brand instead. This is how you’ll be seen and identified on Twitter.

  1. Follow

Following people is the first step to getting your profile noticed. Start following people and business accounts that are local, partners, competitors, customers, trade organisations and people in your professional network. These people will likely want to connect with you too, so your network will begin to grow alongside your follower count.

  1. Connect

The next step is to begin communicating. There are many ways to connect with people on Twitter—from commenting and direct messaging to retweeting and liking. Often likes and retweets are reciprocated, so this is a great place to start. Once you’ve become familiar with Twitter you can jump into larger conversations, Twitter chats and threads. This can be a great way to market your business online, but take care not to come off too pushy – commenting and subtweeting is enough to get your business recognised without having to hard sell. Social media is about connections and communication to increase your network.

  1. Traffic

Twitter is a great tool for increasing web traffic to your blog. Simply create a tweet with a link to your blog and an eye-catching image. This can be saved as a template and sent out daily to remind your audience to check your blog for updates and articles. Just remember not to keep this as the primary function of your Twitter account. Likewise, you can add your Twitter profile link to your website and blog, driving traffic to both your website and your profile.

  1. Lists

The larger your following, the more challenging it can be to keep up with. That’s where Twitter lists come in. You can organise your following into sub-categories like ‘customers’ and ‘community businesses’ so that you are able to see content from smaller, more specific groups. This distinguishes them from the larger crowd and lets you curate your timeline.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach so that people outside of your radar can connect and see your posts. Add a new hashtag to your tweets to identify with a common theme or topic. If you’re unsure where to start, you can find trending hashtags on Twitter to add to your tweets and join a larger conversation. These include national holidays, trending news and popular culture and common weekly/monthly trends like #humpday (every Wednesday) and #TBT (every Thursday). This will add you to a wider conversation and let your tweets be seen by more people.

Twitter is a wonderful business marketing tool to get your brand seen by a wider audience, and, if used well, can increase your traffic and footfall. We’ll see you over there!

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