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How to Master Social Media Marketing for Your Small Business

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It’s no secret that the big gun in marketing is social media. It has the power to take your small business to new heights and give you a loyal customer base like no other.

But how can we harness this superpower and use it to transform our small businesses? Here are three ways to get your social media game on:

Here are 3 ways to get your social media game on:

1. Quality Channels

Treat your social media like your business: don’t settle for sub-par products or feeds and always make sure your social media channels reflect the quality of your business.

Whether it’s your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest page, make it stand out and be “follow-worthy”.

Give your feed a personal flair and post new and exciting content every day—but don’t let it get repetitive…keep things interesting for new and old followers.

You could try running contests, retweeting images from your most loyal followers or even hosting live chats!

2. Management Software

Social media management software is a great way to schedule posts and never miss a day of posting, even on weekends and holidays.

No longer will you have to manually submit every last tweet, Instagram photo or Facebook post. Instead, spend some time racking up fun, interesting and useful posts and schedule them for the coming week or month.

This way you’ll have content going live even when you’re away and unable to post – a must-have tool for social media wizards!

3. Automation

When it comes to social media management, automation can be a great tool to make sure you don’t miss a cue.

It’s important to show you’re active and responsive online, so make sure you follow back, respond to DMs (direct messages), mention other users and retweet interesting and relevant messages.

Managing social media can be time-consuming and a little repetitive, so when things start heating up for your business, you may want to try an automation tool. This will allow you more time to manage other aspects of your business and social media presence.

Note: It’s important for your personality and individuality to shine across your social media channels; so although automation tools are super handy, don’t forget to add touches of yourself and include personal messages, tweets and images, too!

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