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How to Use Your Competitors to Boost Your Business

When starting a small business it can be daunting to compete against the larger, more established, businesses dominating the field. But instead of discouraging yourself by comparison, your business competitors can be used as a tool for growth and success.

Here are some ways to use your competitors to boost your business

  1. Top Pages

Use your competitor’s top pages to see what’s trending and what people are searching for. This’ll automatically give you an insight into your potential client’s needs and desires. As a small business there’s no need to research the field because it’s already been done for you, so all you need to do is sit back and see what’s hot in your niche. This is a major red arrow pointing in the direction of where you should be taking your business, what you should be posting online and which areas you should be spending more time focusing on.

  1. Keep on Your Toes

Competitors keep us on our toes… which is a good thing! There’s no time to slack when someone else is sailing ahead, so they make sure we stay relevant, active and pursuing success. They act as the carrot to the horse, constantly showing us what could be if we put our minds to it. We all need motivation to keep on track!

  1. Business Awareness

Eyeing up the competition forces us to assess ourselves. It can highlight our strengths and weaknesses and allow us to focus on bettering our business and keep growing in the right direction. It’s important to witness your business shortcomings and find ways to overcome and master them.

  1. Hop on the Trends

Your competition validates the customer demand for the market and so using this to promote a new trend that will excite potential customers and the media is a great way to bring more custom to your business. Keep tabs on what your competitors are doing and when you see an emerging trend, hop on the bandwagon immediately to publicise your business and bring in more clientele.

  1. Partnerships

Competitors can soon become alliances. Keep them close and a communication line open – you never know when a partnership opportunity may arise. Promote their content and products and collaborate on projects to join forces with a stronger and more established business.

  1. Challenge and Grow

Without competitors it’s easy to remain static, but with the challenge of competing your business will become more creative, dynamic and you’ll accomplish more. As other companies join the market your competition grows and so staying relevant is vital to keeping you in the game. Use this competition to your benefit.

  1. Customer Service

No matter what your business, customer service is vital. After all, your business wouldn’t be successful without your customers. So instead of focusing on outdoing your competitors, use them to up your customer service game, win over new clientele and establish your business as a place for repeat custom.

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