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How to Write an Effective About Page for Business

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Hello Everyone!

For new visitors and potential customers, the ‘about’ page on your site will usually be a first port of call. People want to know who you are and what you’re business is about. First impressions really count, and for business websites this is especially true. A simple click and your visitor could be off in search of something else, so it’s important to keep them interested.

But how? Here are 6 ways to write an effective ‘about’ page:


Most people clicking through to your ‘about’ page will want to know a little more about your business than what’s available on your ‘home’ page. So now is the time to tell them your business story and values behind the brand. Don’t forget to keep it light so your visitors get a good feel for what you offer without feeling the hard-sell.


Great ‘about’ pages are welcoming and warm, so take your business cap off for a moment and write something approachable and personable. This’ll create a connection with your reader and be the first step in forming a valued customer relationship. Don’t succumb to the typical business jargon or third-person narration!


Chances are your reader is doing a little digging around for a company that fits their criteria. Knowing this isn’t going to be the only ‘about’ page they read, you’re going to want to stand out from the crowd and create something unique. This can manifest itself as a littler personal touch, an interesting story behind the brand evolution or anything else you can think of that makes your company unique.


Although the ‘about’ page is, of course, about you and your company, your reader is inevitably looking for something to help them. So write a little about what you can offer your and how you value your customers as a business. People want to feel secure in their decision to work with you and so to acknowledge your commitment to the relationship from the outset will help give your reader the confidence they need to become a customer.


Adding media like photographs and videos to your ‘about’ page can give it some life and colour and grab the attention of the reader. It’s also a great way to convey your brand in a very short amount of time. Add a photograph of your team or a series of snaps followed by a comment from each member. If you have the resources you could also add a short video explaining the background of your business or your unique brand story.


Lastly, add your contact details. If you’ve written a great ‘about’ page, chances are you’re reader is going to want to get in contact. So make sure to add any contact details, along with social media links, to the bottom of the page. This’ll mean easy accessibility for every interested customer!

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