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Increase Your YouTube View Count

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As a small business in 2017, it’s important to create an online following and continually increase views, likes, shares and all forms of communication.

But this is more easily said than done. With the online community saturated with entrepreneurs and small business owners, how do we get to and stay at the forefront?

Here are five simple tips to get your content noticed and shared:

  1. Monitor Your Audience

Keeping an eye on your audience and noting what they react to, share and comment on is vital. You’re in charge of your content of course, but it’s also important to allow your audience to steer you in the direction that will increase your interaction and views.

Take a look at what has previously worked and what hasn’t. It will give you a good indication of where to take your content next.

  1. Create a Signature Style

People like to know what to expect before they click, so create a signature that’s relevant and fun. Think about your editing style, colour scheme, brand and logo.

Make sure all of your content has a common theme; this not only creates a familiar space for returning audiences—it adds a professional touch too.

  1. Call to Action

YouTube has a host of built-in call-to-action tools for generating leads and increasing the view count across your platform. Use their cards and end screens to prompt your audience to continue watching your content.

You can also create playlists so that if your audience is interested in a particular aspect of your business or content, that division quickly becomes more easily accessible.

  1. Promote Across Channels

Promote your YouTube content across your social media channels so your audience always knows when your new content is live.

If you have a following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, don’t forget to let them know that you’ve posted new content on your YouTube channel and that you have a regular schedule so they can return for more.

  1. Community

Remember, YouTube is a community in a way that traditional television and movies aren’t. Connect with your audience in the comments and answer frequently asked questions in video posts. This way, you’ll create a loyal community that is more likely to interact, share and return.

No matter what your brand or focus, always remember to keep it fun and frequent so your audience remains interested and loyal. Once these five easy steps are implemented, you should see your view count sky-rocket!

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