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Just Launched: Affordable Online Social Media Learning for Beginners

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It's Finally Here!

Do you own a small business and are you struggling to get your social media marketing off the ground?

Maybe you've seen it working for other businesses, perhaps even seen your competitors having conversations, getting lots of attention and can't understand what you're doing wrong.

The chances are the problem is not at all difficult to solve. You just need a little help optimising your profiles, some good clear advice and a good source of ideas for what to post.

It's Easy

For example, have you looked at all the social media options and done the research to see which ones will work best for your business? Have you optimised your profiles so that you can be found by people looking for your products or services, both on Google and on the applications themselves? Do you know which applications your potential customers are using?

All this and much more is covered in our new online course, Social Media Success in 30 Minutes a Day. As the name suggests, the course aims to solve the social media related problems of small businesses. We understand small businesses. We are a small business. Small business owners often have massive time constraints and limited budgets. They don't have time to trawl through the internet, learning what they can about social media and the best way to use it for their type of business. They don't have the financial resources to pay thousands of pounds a year to get an agency to do it for them. If this describes your situation, then this course is designed especially for you.

What You Will Learn

As a whole, the course aims to help you start the process of marketing your business online, by helping you optimise your social media to drive traffic (potential buyers) via your content (social media posts, blog posts or both) to your website (the selling machine).

Specifically, Social Media Success in 30 Minutes a Day will help you to do the following:

  • Choose the right platforms for your business
  • Research your keywords to help your business get noticed on search engines and on social media applications
  • Write your profiles to get your business noticed
  • Start building the right communities around your business
  • Plan a content creation strategy
  • Analyse your results

In short, if you follow the instructions and demonstration videos, you'll go from 0 to 60 in a few short weeks!

Plenty of Support

It includes a Facebook group where you can get support from us, as well as the support of your peers. Plus, you'll have access to email support for any questions or difficulties.

You can register for Social Media Success in 30 Minutes a Day by clicking the link 

We'll see you online!


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