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Should I Use Instagram to Market My Business?

Should You Use

Instagram now boasts 300 million users worldwide. That’s more than Twitter, the same as Google+ and almost as many as LinkedIn. Instagram is experiencing a 66% year on year growth. Users share 70 million photos daily and videos too. The average user spends over 4 hours per month on Instagram and logs in at least once per day.

UK Statistics

If you’re market is UK only, you’re in luck there too. Over 5 million users are in the UK. 8% of the total population and counting. To put that in perspective, that’s the same as LinkedIn and almost as many as Google+. Facebook is still king with 43% of the UK population using their platform. However, Facebook is becoming less popular in the UK, whilst Instagram is becoming more popular. Instagram’s following is a fair bit younger than Facebook’s. 75% of UK Instagram users are under 34 & 39% of UK Instagram users are between 16 and 24.

The Value For Businesses

If you have anything visual to share, e.g. you sell shoes or handbags, you host events or business shows, you’re a media professional or a photographer, or any other industry which can showcase itself in a visually appealing way, and you’re selling to younger consumers (under 34), then you should probably consider using Instagram, along with possibly one more relevant and visual social media platform, to market your business. Right now that choice is probably Facebook, in part because of the massive following and also, because it works very well with Instagram (Facebook own Instagram).

To give you an idea of what you can use it for, you can showcase your products and services. Inspire potential customers by showing how your product or service benefits customers. You can post with a location and post photos live from events you host or attend. Instagram also has video capability and has added more business features in recent years.


With Instagram video you get 15 seconds of recording. You can edit it by deleting segments. You can add filters just like you can on the images. You can choose a cover frame.

Use it for shooting product demos, short videos on behind the scenes happenings, or videos of customers using your products.

It loads directly to Facebook and can be played from within Facebook, so if you have a Facebook business page too, it will complement what you’re doing there.


Instagram have been adding more value for businesses in recent years, making it more appealing for brand marketing. They have launched photo ads, video ads and now carousel ads.

Carousel ads are probably the most interesting for businesses, as the ad you create can include a clickable link, not usual for Instagram. The ads you can create are made up of several images, giving more space for telling your brand story. The viewer scrolls through the images and on the last image, has the option to click through to the link you’ve provided. So, your business has the opportunity to get the attention of potential customers with your first image in the carousel, which should entice them to keep scrolling through, while you tell more of the story in the comments section of each image and with each successive image. Finally, if you’ve done your job right, they should click through to your site at the end. A great way to improve your website traffic and ultimately your sales.

So, the short answer to the question, should I use Instagram for my business? If your business is able to showcase itself in a visually appealing way and your audience is under 34 years old, then it’s a resounding yes from me.

Any questions, email me at, or pop your question in the contact box below.

Speak soon.

Lorraine 🙂

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