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Should I Use Pinterest to Market my Business?

How to Use

What is Pinterest?

Remember cork boards? People used to hang them on their walls and pin reminder notes, photos, party invitations, messages for family members etc., on them. You can think of Pinterest as an electronic version of that to get an idea.

However, it’s much more than that. People are using it to organise ideas, inspirations, or just things they love by creating boards to group their favourite images together. These images are referred to as pins.

It’s possible to follow the boards of others and for others to follow your boards, generating communities of individuals with shared interests.

How Can You Use it For Your Business?

On Pinterest you create electronic pin boards (like the cork boards mentioned earlier) and pin images to them from your own website, other websites, or directly upload images from your computer. These pins can be linked to websites. You can link the images you own, or have rights to, to your own website. Beware though, if you don’t have the rights to an image, say you’ve taken it from someone else’s website for example, you must link back to the source, i.e. link back to the website it came from.

Pinterest is brilliant at driving traffic to your website using the images you do own. You can upload images of your products to the pin boards, then you can link each pin to your website product pages. If you sell shoes for example, you can upload all your ladies black shoes to one board and link all the images to the correct page on your site. This means that people who find your board of shoes can get to the purchase page within a couple of clicks.

Like all social media, Pinterest is a great opportunity to invite your clients and potential clients to step in for a chat. Businesses are using it to showcase their products and services and also, to tell stories about their companies, employees and daily business activities. It’s also possible to interact with your community on Pinterest, send them images you feel might interest them and chat to them via the messaging service integral to the platform.

See my list of pin and board ideas below to get you started.

Pinterest Pin and Board Ideas

  • A board showcasing your products and/or services
  • Images from behind the scenes
  • Images of staff members at work
  • Create testimonial images
  • A board of your inspirations
  • A board of your blog posts
  • A board of your videos
  • Images which link to your other social media profiles – make sure you own the images
  • A board of images from events you’ve attended
  • Client gift ideas images, perhaps linked to your own products on your website – again, must be your images in this case
  • A board detailing a case study in images
  • ‘How to…’ articles relating to your industry. It doesn’t have to be your own content, pin other peoples articles
  • Magazines, blogs, videos worth sharing
  • A board of images of local places you recommend
  • Inspirational quote memes – images with overlaid text

I think you’ll agree Pinterest is an amazing platform. It’s particularly useful if you sell products and don’t forget when you create your images for uploading to your Pinterest boards, add a price to the image. Research indicates you’ll get more sales directly from Pinterest that way.

If you don’t sell products and your business isn’t particularly visual, don’t worry. It’s still possible to use Pinterest to your advantage. My business sells services, not products. Check out how I’m using Pinterest here: The Social Matrix on Pinterest

Any questions, just email me at, or use the comments box below.

Lorraine 🙂

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