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Using Facebook to Increase Business Engagement

Facebook to Increase EngagementFacebook is a great tool for small businesses and can lead to click-throughs, increased sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Here are 5 simple ways you can use Facebook to increase business engagement:

  1. Questions

Asking questions will encourage a response from your audience and you are more likely to receive a comment and get more shares. This will create a relationship between you and your customer base as interaction increases. Not only that, it’ll give you a great insight into what matters most to your audience and the preferences they hold.

  1. Time

Posting the right content at the right time will make a huge difference to interaction levels and likelihood that people will see and respond to your content. Of course you want to post at times that your audience is most likely to be using Facebook (in the evenings and on the weekends, for example), but you always want to make sure that your content is reflective of recent events and capitalises on trending topics. Simply by posting content that refers to a popular trend, whether it’s within your niche or not, your audience will grow and your outreach will expand. Research relevant hashtags, trending topics and popular culture for an insight into what people are talking about!

  1. Value

Creating valuable content is so important. Your audience is far more likely to share something they received value from (this can be information, laughter, a good deal…) than something that looks as though it’s just trying to push sales. Offering something for free will show your customers (and potential customers) that you value them and, in turn, they will value you and loyalty will be built.

  1. Images

Adding an image to your posts is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention and draw them into your content. It’s a short and snappy way to get an idea across and can give a simple status update the edge it needs to stand out. A picture worth a thousand words? How about a picture worth a thousand shares!

  1. Action

Adding a call-to-action sends a subtle nudge to your audience to respond and interact with your posts. You can remind them to follow, comment, like or share with the ease of a click. A great example, and something many businesses are beginning to implement, is asking audiences to vote using the ‘like’ button. For example, you post a photograph of a cupcake and comment “‘Like’ if your mouth is watering”. This is both light-hearted fun and prompts a response for the reader to press the ‘like’ button.

As always, any questions, let me know.

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