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Getting The Most Out of Your LinkedIn Endorsements

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Endorsements can lend some kudos to your profile and some credibility to your business. They can also be a bit of a pain and if you allow too many onto your profile, they can water it down and leave people wondering exactly what it is you’re good at.

So, what are the best practices for ensuring that your endorsements are a credit to your profile?

1. Don’t Accept Every Endorsement

When someone endorses you, you’ll get the option of whether to add it to your profile or not. Only confirm those endorsements that not only denote what it is you’re good at, but also what you actually want to do. Think what you want your LinkedIn profile to achieve for you and then only add the endorsements to your profile that will help you get there.

2. Refuse Endorsements With Impunity

When you refuse an endorsement, don’t worry, the endorser won’t get a notification. By the same token, only endorse other people for skills you have first hand experience of. If we all do this, then endorsements become invaluable indicators of excellence, rather than watered down expressions of appreciation.

3. Rearrange and edit your skills endorsements so that they reflect your business or brand

To do this, find your endorsements on your edit profile page and click to ‘add skill’ at the top right hand side of the box. From here you can ‘add or remove’ skills and drag them to reorder them too. The aim is to have only the most relevant skills that will further your aims on LinkedIn.

4. Hide Irrelevant or Unwanted Endorsements

You can also hide particular endorsements from particular people by clicking on the ‘add skill’ and then the ‘manage endorsements’ buttons, then clicking on the particular endorsement you’d like to hide and unticking the box next to the person the endorsement is from.

5. Focus on Your Top Ten Skills

Over time your profile should show your top ten skills and they should correlate with the way you see your business or brand. If they don’t, tweak them so they start to move more in the right direction.

6. The relationship between your endorsements and your profile should be mutually beneficial

If your endorsements are aligned with your business and you notice some skills which people are endorsing you for, that you haven’t made much of in your profile, you can rewrite your profile to highlight these skills. Similarly if your profile mentions skills you’d like to have endorsements for, then you can add the skills yourself following the steps in point 3 above. Then, you can request endorsements for those skills.

7. Consider Whether the Same Person Could Offer You a Recommendation

When you receive an endorsement, consider whether the same person could offer you a recommendation as well. Perhaps you know you did a particularly good job with this person. Perhaps you went the extra mile, or they were super happy with your service. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Do try to avoid asking for recommendations willy nilly, based on a weak link. For example, if I have given free advice to someone in an email, I wouldn’t ask them for a recommendation based on that. If, however, I have trained them on a couple of occasions and spent several hours with them, then that forms the basis of a good relationship. If I also feel they’re happy with my service, then I’ll feel comfortable asking them for a recommendation. You get the idea.

I’ll talk about recommendations in more depth another time. In the meantime, as usual, if you’ve any questions don’t be afraid to ask. I hope you found this post useful. If so, don’t be afraid to tell me that either!


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