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How to create a Company Page on LinkedIn

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You’re probably aware that LinkedIn is a great marketing tool, so you may be wondering why you need to have a company page, especially if you have a personal profile already. Well, creating a company page on LinkedIn can help your business get found in searches on LinkedIn and as the page allows you to ‘Showcase’ your products and services, post business updates and share your blog posts all in one place, you can really show off your business to great effect. It also has a handy analytics tool where you can check how well your content is performing, find out who your audience is and lots more.

Sounds good doesn’t it? So, let’s get started. Here are six simple steps to create your company page on LinkedIn and get it cooking on gas!

1. Getting Started

Sign into your LinkedIn profile. From the home page, you’ll see along the top menu bar, ‘Home’, ‘Profile’ and further along ‘Interests’. Click on ‘Interests’ and then select ‘Companies’. This will take you to a page where you will see a box on the right, which says ‘Create a Company Page’. Click it.

2. Enter your details

Now you need to enter your company’s name and email address and verify that you’re an official representative of your company.

3. Company Page

It will now ask you to write a summary about your company. Remember the trick is to not write it too much like a CV. Of course, show credibility and professionalism but also inject your personality and show what makes you different. Include your industry keywords so when people are searching for you, you’re easier to find. Also add keywords in your ‘specialties’ section of the page detail.

Don’t forget to add key information about your company including where you’re based, your company website and details of how to contact you.

4. Add Images

Further down the page you will see ‘Add Banner Image’ and ‘Add Logo’. Make sure your logo is consistent with the one you’re using across all of your social media channels. Your logo will come up when people search for your business or when employees’ profiles are added to your business, your logo will show in the ‘Work Experience’ section of their personal profiles. It’s recommended you use a high quality 500 x 500 pixel image.

The banner image (646 x 220 pixels) is a great piece of advertising space. It is the first thing people will see when they come to your page so you need to grab their attention with it immediately. Consider including, a Call to Action and your website URL on the banner image.

5. Spread the word

Now you’ve got the page all up and running, encourage people to follow your page so they can see your exciting business updates. Family, friends and employees are the best place to start. Include links to your LinkedIn Company Page on your website, other social networks and email signature so that people will click to check it out.

6. Get posting!

The company page works a lot like your personal profile. Post updates regularly (we recommend posting every day, at least once a day) and you’ll begin to see your followers increase.

Creating a company page on LinkedIn is a great way to enhance your company’s presence online, build credibility and increase the chances of your company’s products and services being found. I hope you found these tips useful, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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